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Special Tours
Special Tours
Ideal for friends, family or work colleagues!

Looking for  something exciting and special? Experience something new with your friends,  family or colleagues. Segway offers a  unique, fun, and tailored to your wishes encounter.  Whether you glide through  the city, along the Danube Canal or through  the giant Prater Park,  riding a Segway is fun for all.
Any tour we  offer, and ones we don’t, can be  organized as a “Special” tour.  "Special" because the tour is custom-made to your requirements and wishes. The perfect way for  friends,  families, and fellow workers to have a tour just for  themselves to enjoy.  Individual wishes can be fulfilled, for  example,  the tour can start at your hotel or end at a restaurant or be guided  in  a language other than we offer on our daily tours. Special tours can be organized with any number of  participants with flexible starting times.
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Tailored to your special wishes
  • Start from where you want
  • You specify the departure time
  • You decide the number of participants
  • If you want you can decide the main focus of the tour
  • Segway driving licence
Price examples for basic Special Tours
The prices are based on a 3 hour tour including  the guide fee but without additional service.
all prices are in Euro
1-2 pax
369,- total
3-4 pax
149,- per person
5-6 pax
125,- per person
7 pax
119,- per person
8-20 pax
109,- per person
>20 pax
125,- per person
Any questions? Just send us an email, use the Quick Contact form or call us! Tel: +43 1 729 72 34
Examples of  Segway Special Tours
 Inner City Classic Sightseeing Tour
Inner City Classic Sightseeing Tour

Based on our  bestselling tour, Vienna Sightseeing & more. We can do the  same route for you or vary it according to your wishes.

Green Tour - Park and Canal Tour - Ring, Donaukanal, Prater
Green Tour - Park and Canal Tour - Ring, Donaukanal, Prater
The motto for this tour is: Segway riding and less sightseeing!

We glide along  the Ring and leave the Inner City  behind us, taking the bike path to the Danube Canal  for a ride along  the water to reach the giant Prater Park.  Fresh air and movement – you  glide along the Prater Hauptallee under the  chestnut trees, through the  park.

Segway Experience
Segway Experience
Have you always  wanted to try a Segway?

This 2 hour  ride in the afternoon or evening gives you the chance to do just that, learn to  ride and to experience a Segway.
The route was  laid out to assure less traffic and maximum time to ride.
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